Our Canon S3-IS was a birthday gift for Temple (Summer 2007). For the first time we had a Bluebird pair nesting in our backyard box and she really wanted to get some pictures of them. It's a nice camera and easy to use. But the controls were a bit intimidating at first and so I used it more than she did for awhile. I encouraged her to learn with me though... and she was very soon shooting on her own.

Since then, we've hosted 23 Bluebird nestings, and witnessed the fledging of 101 baby Bluebirds safely into the trees.
And we've taken many thousands of photos... Lots of Bluebird photos to be sure, but also many other beautiful and entertaining songbirds, blossoming flowers, butterflies, and other wildlife. We also maintain a blog we call Backyard Birding with Kenn & Temple, where we share lots of information and links for anyone interested in birding and photography at:

We hope you enjoy them.

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